Smart Home

Smart Home and Home Automation design.

Be smart and contact Stuart Moth for a smart home consultation and design for new or integration into you home. Moth is a design company specialising in Lighting.
The need to become a smart home is now ready to be part of our daily routines.  This is due to our love of the smartphone and tablet and the endless applications available to us. Our biggest investment is the largest asset in our lives so let this be connected to your smart phone and monitor anywhere in the world. The service Moth offers is a detail design and specification for a smart home. This is a central hub / mini computer that is the brain of the home. The brain will manage your home automatically and can be monitored and adjusted via a phone or computer. Following a meeting I can determine the most suitable solution and product for you. A Smart Home thinks like you. it knows your needs and performs actions according to the season, weather, presence and your lifestyle. It’s the smart home with the highest IQ. A home that will take care of thousands of actions each year, giving you back time to enjoy the beautiful things in life. The smart home looks after the heating, lighting, shading and more – all by itself. This gives you more time for your family, friends or just time for yourself to relax. In short; No Gimmicks. Real Smart Homes. Loxone compendium

Stuart Moth is a product and lighting designer that has studied and became partners with new and well known home automation / smart home companies, What makes Moth different to other smart home company is his experience in domestic and commercial interior and exterior design. Stuart Moth says – this is a very creative design company with geeky tech friends.

Moth smart home design
Moth can design a smart building using the most suitable products. We try to be open minded on the spec of the a smart home system. Many client come to Moth for the design as they already know what smart home they like. Stuart Moth says he want to reach out to most budgets. Most common smart home systems are – Loxone, Control 4, Lutron, Crestron and KNX. You can combine Android and Apple with these devices including Alexa and Google speech requests. Integration of  other devices is becoming more accessible for devices like Nest and Hive. Please contact Stuart Moth to discuss the planning or your new home or extension. Stuart Moth – 01883 337 628 / /