Moth Lighting is directed by Stuart Moth who has more than 15 Years lighting design and supply experience.

As a relatively young company our design focus is well-being and lighting effect, ease of installation, compatibility, user control and efficiency.

This is a professional friendly service that provides you an atmosphere created by light. Moth lighting works with a number of lighting designers and manufactures to produce a reliable tried and tested workforce and service.

What to expect from our service –

  • Non biased lighting specification.
  • Architectural lighting design and planning.
  • Interior lighting design and planing.
  • Exterior lighting design and planning.
  • Lighting calculations using Relux or Dialux.
  • Part L compliance and energy saving.
  • Lighting plans, loadings and electrical wiring schematics.
  • Bespoke large and small fabric shades.
  • Bespoke acrylic blow and vacuum form moldings up to 2M dia.
  • Bespoke metal fabrication.
  • Bespoke LED, dimming, colour temperature, CRI, Lumen output, control.
  • Interior wall and ceiling details drawings.
  • Bespoke continuous profiles, plaster and MDF details.
  • Dimmable LED and control.
  • Office lighting design and LG7.
  • Emergency lighting layouts and calculations.
  • Dimming control for all types of sectors / Daylight sensors / Astrological clock.
  • Home automation and design.
  • Office control system design.
  • Electrical installation and project management.
  • 3D Visuals.
  • ECA Approved lighting installations.

Since the start of Moth lighting we have been working on a range of unique projects and luminaires for use in the hotel, restaurant, office and the retail environments. We believe that there are always improvements to be made.

Moth lighting has partnered with many lighting manufacturers and can offer a very competitive and valid service.

If you have a project or space and need a lighting solution for new or existing areas please contact us and we can advise on the service that best suits your project.

Kind regards,

Stuart Moth