Mode Lighting Commissioning and Programming Engineer – Stuart Moth

Contact Stuart Moth of Moth Lighting Ltd on 01883 337 628 for a Mode Lighting Commissioning and Programming Engineer.

Stuart has over 20 years of experience in programming and design with architectural lighting control systems supplied by mode lighting. Stuart has designed and programmed 100’s of dimming systems all over the UK.

Stuart is also an electrical automation designer with many different disciplines within the lighting industry.

Mode lighting control dimming systems are installed in most of London’s restaurants. Setting up dimming scenes will require an experienced design engineer with a professional approach.

Mode Lighting programming engineer – please call Stuart Moth
01883 337 628

Emergency call out are possible

Stuart Moth - Mode lighting engineer

Engineer’s comment: I have noticed in and around the UK commerical properties
retain there dimming systems for many years. I have been back to restaurant
that have new owners with a 20 year old system that still works perfectly.

Lighting Engineer

Call: 01883 337 628 or email