Save energy with LED

Save energy with LED

Change the existing fluorescent and metal halide lighting to LED will provide the same amount of light and colour with a third less of the energy every year.

Moth is looking for the following projects to save energy in the UK and convert to LED. Offices, Atriums, Schools and Sports halls, Auditorium, Car parks and Warehouses.

Retro-fit LED lighting into existing light fittings, this is possible with office lighting and can be more cost effective where budgets and targets are required. LED replacement can be provided with a 5 year warranty on the LED and power supply. Note labour costs can be increased. Use a lighting designer as they have more knowledge than you wholesaler.

Invest into your business to reduce your carbon footprint.

The government have a TAX incentives for businesses who invest in LED and efficient lighting schemes.  We have registered products with the Enhanced Capital Allowance ( ECA ) scheme and have provided information for previous projects.

Moth has the product knowledge to find the best solution for your site. There are also really cost effective ways to switch lighting on and off to further respond to future demands with energy use without the need to add additional wiring.

Government incentives and Tax relief to help the UK Gov reach future CO2 targets.

Click to access ECA272_Capital_Allowance_v7_April_2015.pdf

Please contact Stuart Moth to discuss the energy needs of your project and let’s start saving and feeling good that we have done something for the environment.