Home automation

Loxone is a smart home mini server that can manage all the electrical items automatically and be accessed from a smartphone, tablet or computer remotely.

One of the many key selling points to Loxone is the application to control it and the ease when making amendments to programming. No need to be a technical mastermind when you want to change the time of the boiler or lighting scene.

The Loxone software is always free for life, trial the software in a real time situation and connect the head office server.


As the cost of the Loxone system to control lighting is the same as you would a conventional lighting dimming system we suggest to our clients to consider home automation.

Stuart Moth says “Keep it smart and let us design the perfect automated home”.

Below are links to the Luxone site where you can find all the information one would want.

Click to access Loxone%20Brochure%20UK%20Autumn%202015%20.pdf


To set up the Loxone you wall need a partner so please be prepared to allow within you budget the cost of a engineer for at least a week.

Moth Lighting – Attracted towards the light

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